The Write-Up

I'm so glad it's the weekend! I just got back a while ago from the Esplanade. I went there after work to meet my sis and cous to check out this live performance at the Esplanade Bay. It happened to be a friend of my sis' colleague so we went there just to lend a support. The band was really, really good, I have to say!

Anyway, after being so down yesterday, I managed to pick myself up and just be positive today, and I'm pleased with how I handled things at work. Maybe there's a hope for me after all. ;)

So. My friend was kind enough to ask if he could read my book review (I'm surprised someone actually gives a rat's tootsie.) But for that, thank you lah dude.

Here goes. Hope you can read it this time.

Alright, does that work at all? I think if you're half-flinching, half-grimacing, half-pinching your eyes, you can sort of read it. Heee.

Speaking of write-up, I sent a short opinion letter and it made it to the local paper. It was a few years ago though. I just came across it again so I thought I'd put it here too.

One thing I'd like to say about this one was the fact that when I wrote the word 'damn' in the last paragraph, I thought it would have somehow been edited out. But it wasn't! Hahaha. It's kinda funny actually.