Not much progress...

So, let's see.

I wrote this urgent to-do list last week. Let's see how I've progressed.

~ Finish the marketing book my boss lent me.
I'm still just starting Chapter 5 now.

~ Start the next freelance writing article that is due this week!
The real article: 7 names down, 4 more to go. Deadline is Tuesday!

~ Learn more about yacht, read boating magazines.
Alright, well, I bought Asia Pacific Boating Magazine. Browsed through it, got some contacts to look up, but then my boss was so excited about the magazine so I let him borrow it. As for knowing more about yacht, damn, I'm not really sure.

~ Join gym
Well, I've gone to the gym to check out the prices and even had a consultation. Went on a tour around it, and pretty much had a good vibe about it. I have yet managed to go for the trial before signing up, though. I thought I would go last Tuesday but then something came up.

Conclusion: I haven't really been making progress at all, have I? Damn, I'm hopeless. Last night while I was writing for the article, I got distracted and ended up buying a cute T-shirt online!

That was the lowest of the low. I'm the world's number one procrastinator!