Yee Haw Davis

Lane Adams, Director of Account Services at CJRW Northwest presented a proposal to the Springdale Advertising and Promotion Commission on Tuesday to purchase a list of 1500 names to conduct a telephone survey to increase attendance to the 2011 Rodeo of the Ozarks.

Total cost of this survey? Twelve thousand, three hundred fifty dollars or nine dollars per surveyed caller.

Adams didn't say who they would be purchasing these names and numbers from and when asked who would be conducting the survey, Adams talked in circles about a third-party vendor without ever answering the question.

That leaves it wide open for me to guess the money will either end up back into the lining of Perry's pockets or the traveling Mullikin's.

Lance Eads is the chairman of this commission, but it's clearly Perry's playpen.

I've got to tell you, I was impressed with the guy with the accent. Roger Davis, from the Holiday Inn and Convention Center. He was paying attention. Davis pointed out that the A and P budget will be close to $25,000 in the hole by year end and maybe a survey wouldn't be the best use of said hole.

"It's not advertising and it's not promotion," said Davis.

Thanks to Davis speaking up, the vote was postponed until the next A and P snoozefest allowing him time to do some homework and find out how the rodeo board wants their money spent .

Stay tuned...