My obsession for a song goes just like any other obsession in life. Tonight, it's Chicago's "Look Away". I know it's an old song and I must be in super melancholic mood to be listening to it on a Saturday night, but in reality, a good song is a good song, regardless of the situation you're in.

The first time I heard it, it literally just gripped me as I listened to the lyrics. There are many songs about heartbreaks and all, but there's just something really deep about this one. The way it portrays something some people may call ordinary with such emotions. I really like these particular lines:

When you called me up this morning,
Told me 'bout the new love you found,
I said, "I'm happy for you,
I'm really happy for you."

Topped with the melodies, it makes an amazing combination. I found myself listening to it over and over again to an unhealthy level and here I am, still blogging about it.

But, that's how I am when it comes to music. Or about any other things I'm passionate about. Like good movies, or good books. I mean, aren't we supposed to be a little extreme when it comes to the things we really love? Otherwise, what differentiates them from the other million and one things in life?

My sister and I were watching Inside the Actor's Studio this evening as the result of flipping the channels, and Rosie O'Donnell was in the show. At one point, she told the audience how much she loved theatres and plays and how she visualized those things in her own life that in one particular situation, she recited the whole line of Jean Valjean from "Les Miserables" because of how much it reminded her of him in the same circumstance.

"People looked at me as if I'm on crack," she said.

The thing about being passionate about something is that other people may not get it. Because, I don't know, each person is different. To this day, I still can't find any other persons beside my sisters who could recite the lines, sing the songs, and relive the scenes from Disney movies! Every time I make references of The Lion King, or Pocahontas, people don't get it.

I came to a conclusion. It takes a lot for people to be really passionate about something. And it's a wonderful thing, I feel. I guess in a way it makes us unique, and different. And it's who we are.

And I guess it would be a lot more special when we eventually meet someone else who shares the same passion.

As I listened to the song for the hundredth of times tonight, I thought about it. Hey, it's okay to be obsessed about things. That presents my question for today.

What are YOU most passionate about?