Blowin' Smoke

The 2010 Northwest Arkansas State Barbecue Championship was held at the Arvest Ballpark this past weekend. From what I hear, Smoke on the Water Productions typically draws a big crowd to these competitions. Springdale managed to draw 27 teams to compete for the $3500 top prize.

This press release and this article give credit for the event to the Springdale Chamber of Commerce.

Here, credit is given to the Advertising and Promotion Commission. This is still Perry Webb in charge, but with a different title.

Perhaps it was an accident or maybe a misguided attempt to drum up business, but word got out to the locals that this was the place to be for some free BBQ! Who could pass that up? Apparently, some hungry folks ended up meandering through the contestants cooking area and just helped themselves to some finger-licking food - straight off the grills. Mmm Mmm.

I won't dwell on the fact that the carnival came to a brief standstill because they ran out of diesel for the rides or that phone calls were made to some local antique car owners who were offered $50 bucks if they would hurry up and get some cars down there.

To be fair, I did hear that the concert was good - if you overlook the fight the broke out in the middle of it.

Maybe next year, if there is a next year, it will be better. I wouldn't call the event an epic failure, but maybe someday the city leaders will figure out what the common denominator is so that this event doesn't suffer the same fate as Featherfest...