John's night of playing 78's at Jalopy Theater..

Here is some dark kinda boring video of John playing a few of the 78's from his vast collection at Jalopy Theater last week for the 78 old time listening night..The audio is good so I put them up though John is just kinda sitting there..Great stuff.. Baby, How Can it Be? by Bo Carter..part of another tune..and Mississippi John Hurt's Candyman..It was a fun night there..He will probably do it again soon-ish..
So much stuff to write about..I'm way backed up with my blogging and my BM's if you must know..I'll do a lot this week..just been busy lately..and drank myself silly last night, sang karoake and told Todd Barry I love him because he is short..I'm awesome! I'll be banned from hollywood without anyone even knowing who I am! I did some extra work on a friends film Hulk, which is a black and white indie film shot in actual film..David Lynchian style strangeness..I think I got a close-up and a line in which is a first for me! I'm joining AFTRA in two weeks so i'm kinda excited about that..