Sideways cops eating hot dogs at 9th Precinct bbq!

Ahem. I apologize in advance for the sideways video of the cop on stilts..That really could be the best video I have ever taken and I screwed it up and can't make it right side up! There's a life lesson in there somewhere but I don't really care about that!
This is the annual cop block party that went on today in front of the 9th Precinct..What can I say? It had EVERYTHING!! Clowns making balloon hats for kids, a bouncy spiderman thingy I almost crawled into..A cop dancing to Michael Jackson on STILTS! Hot dogs, a two man band..and demos on how to protect yourself from rogues and thieves!
I saw just about every cop there who has ever given me a ticket for my shenanigans and they were very nice and asked about my tattoos and band. Yes, for reals, yo. They love me, yet love me! Anyway, I told them my damn ticket got thrown out..
Anycop, it was fun..kinda and I REALLY wish I could flip that damn video!!! It may have won me the Nobel Peace Prize!!!!