Party and Work.

Oh, man. I got the shock of my life when I checked my bank account today. I spent almost 500 bucks just over the weekend, buying whatever shits I can't even recall now!

No, I'm kidding. I actually remember each of them vividly. The worst thing is that I don't even regret buying them although now my pocket has to suffer from being too light of money! Over lunch today we talked about places and travels and man, my travel bug is getting active again! But I can't really take leave yet until my probation is over. Good thing is that I'm enjoying my job now, so hopefully time will just pass by like shuuush! and I'll get to go on a holiday again before I know it! (little chance, but oh well. A girl can dream.)

Anyway! I just wanna share a bit about the party that my boss threw over the weekend which was just absolutely superb! Wouldn't go into much details aside from that his house was so sick! It's just amazing and you know you've made it into the big league when the view from your terrace is the Singapore water and your mode of transportation around is a private yacht! Or wait for it, when you have a freaking lift in your house!

He's kind enough to let us take a spin around on it. I am definitely motivated now to work even harder so I can enjoy a good life such as this. Yes, a dollar at at time. Ha!

I love this picture! I'm loving my colleagues now! Working doesn't feel much like a tough job when these people are around.

Sam and I at dusk time.

It was just a great evening! I'm still in high spirit today even though it's Monday! Went on a good meeting at the marina and managed to go back home on time! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, come quickly! I can't wait for the weekend!