Just some unrelated pics and ramblings..

Hello friends, strangers, and enemies alike! I plan to be blogging a lot more now..just rambling on in that ever so charming way I have.So many people encourage me to write about my life..the weird shit like squatting and hopping trains and hitchhiking alone..playing music and just everything i've seen and done. The problem is, how do you write about your friends and not be exploitive? I would ask every person I wrote about permission to write about them-even the ones I don't like. My life does not seem strange to me because, well, it's MY life! I do have a lot of fun stories and have a half assed bunch of stories written down but I dunno..Norton Publishers says I should just make my blog into a big book but who would really want to read it? Norton could never publish my potty mouthed tales of drugs, drinking, etc..And all the people's pics I have up..not to mention the embarrassing brunch with the PARENTAL UNITS monthly posts..Ugh! I will have to think about organizing shit I have written..and organizing my brain. And hiring someone to edit the SHIT outta my poor grammar and use of adverbs. Dammit.

We shall see..I went to college to learn how to write and I have this blog-that's about it. But I love this damn blog. So cathartic. I don't even care if anyone reads it.

Anyhooch, these are some fun photos! First, there is Moby playing keyboard while a cute chihuahua dances along..I love Moby's new band Diamondsnake. Their videos on youtube are hysterical. Plus, he's a super nice guy. And he likes old music. The Mangina joins in there whom I love. He is a great painter and will be doing a pet portrait of Delgado soon. He charges not very much for what you get in return.. and is very talented..Check out Patrick Bucklew on Facebook to see his work.

Then we have some pics of the tile wall from the Society of Illustrator's museum that's uptown. That place is pretty cool..and I love these painted tiles. The pics don't capture how grand they are in person. My band will be playing March 26th there I think..for a big Crumb gallery opening..we may have possible VERY special guests sitting in with us. Have to see about that in the next few months..

Then to top it off..some Mars Bar art..painted torsos on the wall. I will be documenting a lot of Mars fun stuff as they get closer to their demise..Life ain't fair I tells ya!