WFMU show shit.

Here are a few pics from tuesday nights live gig on WFMU. The guys there were really nice..I like playing on the radio,it's kinda like just being at home and playing but John and I can't yell at each other about our mistakes and i can't curse like a sailor. Just why do sailor's curse so much anyway? They get to ride in boats and wear those sassy little hats. Just what the FUCK is their problem?

Anybleep, I want to have a contest concerning which rat is the LARGEST and MOST AWESOME rat in NYC. I have one photo so far of a really fucking huge rat I took last night..That thing was practically as big as my dumb cat Delgado and had completely no fear of me. I was just standing right next to it taking its photo..It seemed quite flattered actually and was almost posing. Show off. I will post the rat pic as soon as I find a few more to compete with it. Feel free to send me pics of huge rats-I will post them on here.

Here is a link to East River playing live on WFMU..just click on the Dec 14th mp3 or the pop-up link. They took some video which will be in the archives soon I think.