The Fine Art of Hiding

Every year when it is time to approve the budget, Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse starts acting a little strange.  Last year, he had some form of temporary amnesia and forgot to post the budget meetings on the community calendar. Heaven forbid the commoner show up and ask questions or something.

This year, according to eyewitnesses, Mayor Sprouse and a local attorney engaged in an entertaining verbal sparring session at the most recent city council meeting.  I was anxious to see it on the city's website, but after full five days, it still isn't there.  I wonder if it was a 'tape malfunction' like the last time a city council meeting got heated and made Perry Webb look bad.

The Jones Television Station was contacted to find out if there was a camera malfunction or other reason for the delay.  Jones TV stated that their tapings are directly linked and immediately available on the city's website.