Ray's Birthday Bash complete with Go-Go dancer and two cakes!

Sooo..Ray had his 78th birthday party last night at his store which involved a stripper, two cakes and a gerbil! Just kidding about the gerbil-just wanted to spice this up a bit there..The dancer was nice and fun and there was a big cheesecake and a german chocolate cake which pretty much fed everyone there perfectly..

Here are some shots from the shindig..Ray had fun as usual, but he kept trying to wait on customers by the window even during all the hijinks..His business is VERY slow lately and his store REALLY needs help! I know many store and places that are closing soon..and if Ray's goes another NYC icon with character and the flavor of old NYC will vanish..like CBGB's, and soon Mars Bar..

I got the sad sad news that a friend of mine died right before I went to this and I was not in a happy mood..drank myself sick all night which is why I am posting these at midnight after i got linked about it! Ugh..I feel so sick over this..He was very young and sweet and I wish I could go back in time and somehow change what happened to him..

But here are some fun pics..Ray and the dancer, Ray getting lingerie tossed at him and the cakes on the counter..Luckily for her it was very warm in there between the heat and the crowds of people(mostly men!)..It was fun and cheered me up a little. I really hope Ray can get through this winter.his business is his life. Summer he always picks up with ice-cream sales and he is expanding his menu and trying new things.