Biker Bill at Ray's Candy Store, and... Deep Fried Cookies?

Okay, so I have not written anything for about a week now. Have had some family emergency issues..been busy with gigs..been kinda tired. Plus, lazy. Soon it will be Zombie Jesus Day and those disgusting Peeps® are everywhere. They are so gross. They are like something that sprung from Oprah Winfrey's vagina which she hasn't tended to in a decade. Okay, sorry about that. I am RIDING THE CRIMSON WAVE and if I have to suffer then you will all have to read about Oprah's vagina. This makes sense to me right now. I haven't slept much in the past few days. Thinking about the Peeps and all..

But now I am all backed up with blogs and photos and feces so....Here are a few videos of the infamous biker Billy at Ray's candy store discussing his new Viking name and talking about being a biker. Ray has a new dessert he is selling in his store as well..It scares me! What if I get drunk and eat it?

AnyFlow.Here ya go..