Lady Bella's Stuff.. Plus, I bought her stuff,

These amazing necklaces, headpieces, and what not are made by my friend Buttons(Lavender). I included her sign with her contact info because she makes custom necklaces, bracelets, and more if you tell her your price range and what you want on your fancy stuff!

I, of course, bought the cleopatra flapper looking headpiece which I will wear at shows and..well, probably just everyday once it gets too hot for a bowler. I have plenty of hats..I love ones with veils especially..but since it's taking so long for the weather to get nice..I will probably take a break from hats soon to enjoy the sunshine. If it ever comes. I look retarded in these pics..but just check out the greatness of the piece I bought and the other items she made.

Buttons can also be found and contacted if you are on Facebook..She is there under the name Sludge Maiden and has pics of her work up i think! Support your local artists!