Well, it's official. As Webb so eloquently put it, Springdale has transformed from people raising chickens and a bunch of hillbillies to the forefront of the corporate world!

No, wait.  Here we are in the middle of the fourth season of Arvest Ballpark and we are still waiting for some signs of development. I guess we're still a bunch of hillbillies raising chickens.

While Perry Webb is sitting in a sitz bath in Hot Springs and Mayor Sprouse is on yet another holiday in Destin, the local media has announced that the long-anticipated arrival of Cabela's in Arkansas is on the horizon...in Rogers. Yes, the neighbors to the north win again.

A master plan for the area is in the works, Webb said, and Springdale must be well positioned when a "destination" retailer such as Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops comes calling. "We have changed the horizon," Webb said. "We've done a good job of lining up the dominoes and the first will fall the night we open the ballpark. People are now seeing the vision.
I guess this is the return on investment the taxpayers are getting for the $50,000 raise Sprouse gave Webb this year.