What Sleeps At Westminster

Westminster Abbey is one of the most "must see" sites by tourist when visiting London. 

Not only is it popular due to its grand structure and beautiful architecture
 it is now the place of the recent wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Westminster Abbey is a church that is a part of the Anglican denomination
 that studies and learns from the Bible just like other Christians from all over the world. 

One of the neat things about going to a service at this particular church
 is the fact that they will never turn you away. 

They are willing to open their doors to any and everyone at no charge, of course. 

My personal favorite thing about experiencing a service at this particular church 
is that you really get to experience a piece of British culture. 

Another neat thing about Westminster is all of the people buried and remembered inside the church. 

There are at this moment in time, 3,300 people buried inside the church building. 

Many of those whom are buried here are royals, artists and many others 
who have shaped the country into what it is today. 

This is also the place where funeral services such as the one for Princess Diana took place. 

There are so many secrets and stories to unfold within this magnificent building. 

One thing that is important to know about this historic landmark
 is don't let the fact that it is a church keep you from exploring its glory. 

I cannot explain how exciting it was to walk through and unlock its history. 

For some it is a symbol of hope to find a better life. 

For those hopeless romantics, it is now even a place where a real life fairy tale came true 
and that happily ever afters can still be found. 

Then for some it is just a great history lesson. 

The only question left unanswered is,
 what will you discover or find on your trip?


~Candice Meadows~