Windsor Castle


Windsor is a cute town just west of London. 
The easiest way to get there is by train. 
If you are traveling from London the best route is to start off at Paddington Train Station 
then make the connection to Windsor at Slough. 
In total the trip out to Windsor should take less then an hour. 

I suggest spending the whole day there. 
Trust me- you wont get bored!!

Windsor is mainly known for the location for one of the castles owned by the Queen
 but that isn't all there is here. 

There are a lot cute shops and great places to eat.
 A great place to eat that has amazing prices and food that taste fantastic
 is a Greek restaurant, that has become one of my personal favorites,
 called Latino Taverna. 

If  you are not looking for a big meal 
there are a few cute little tea houses that shouldn't disappoint.

Windsor Castle it by far one of the best and most famous castles in England. 

It has been a chief residence for British sovereigns since Henry I in the 12th century. 

The castle is split into three parts; the Lower Ward, the Middle Ward, and the Upper Ward. 

The Lower Ward is where St. Georges Chapel is located, 
the Middle Ward is where you will find the famous round tower, 
and the Upper Ward is where the state rooms are located. 

There are so many awesome things to see in this castle and the grounds are beautiful. 
On a nice day this is the place to be!

Another thing that is very ingrained into the castle's history is the Oder of the Garter.
 It is the highest order of chivalry, or knighthood, existing in England.    

St. George's Chapel is full of so many important people in British history.
 For example Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour among many others.

If you are in London for a vacation or you live here 
and just need to escape the city I would suggest Windsor. 

You cant go wrong. 

Trust me it is worth your time and money!!

Ashley Fincher