Toward the beginning of the program I went to see my first show in London, Billy Elliot. The show is about a young boy who lives in England in a mining town. His father and brother are miners, and they are on strike. The twist comes in that Billy wants to be a ballerina, which obviously doesn't go over well with his close-minded relatives. This play was very dance oriented. The ballet in the show was amazing to watch! 

This Monday, I attended my first ever performance of the world-famous musical, Les Miserables. The show took place at Queen's theater in Leister Square, which is a really buzzing, exciting place in London full of restaurants and theaters. It was a really fun night! This show put a lot more emphasis on vocal talent, as it in involved no dancing whatsoever. 

This is a picture of a cast from Les Mis! The theater does not allow attendees to take photographs during the play or even before it begins. (Of the set/stage) Although this photo is not from the exact show that I attended, it should give you a good idea of the atmosphere of the play and the costuming. Both of which, were very much to my liking. Several people have told me over the years how incredible Les Mis is, and as a result I had high expectations for my experience. Good news! They were absolutely met, even exceeded! The actor who played Jean Valjean was a stand-in, and he was mind-blowing. I can't imagine the usual guy.

If you haven't seen it, you should, and lucky you; you can see it from the comfort of you own living room soon enough! This Christmas, John Hooper directs an on-screen adaptation starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and Russell Crowe.

By: Molly Goyne