Shop til you drop...story of my life.

Primark always wins....
So I went across the pond and all I bought was this t-shirt....maybe a lied. A more accurate statement: I went across the pond and all I bought was:  several things from primark, lots of stuff from Camdentown, a couple things from the Peter Rabbit store, a couple things from a cider farm, and maybe a thing or two from Wales(including a pair of shoes). Oops- you just thought I was coming for school. However, the saying says- When in Rome do as the Romans as a girl do what girls do..and lets be real that would be shopping. I did just that amidst all of my schooling, socializing, and living life I managed to buy many things to help me remember my time here! I love London and I love shopping, but what I love more is shopping in London. I got to experience many things on this trip and shopping here is just another one of those great things. I love the things that I got to buy and the gifts that I got have been excellent. Primark is a store that I will forever hold in my heart and constantly wish for a trip that allows me to go back. The Peter Rabbit store allowed me to go back to my childhood. The Magic store made me excited and it was something that was alot of fun to go to. Camden town provided me with a variety of items at my finget tips and I love it so much. Essentially every place I went to has a spot in my heart because of all the memories I made there.