An Afternoon at Baker Street

Perhaps you've heard of Baker Street. If not, perhaps it's most famous address will give you a clue: 221B. Know who lives there (or used to live, rather)? No? Sharpen your skills of memory and observation, my dear Watson(s). It's the home of Sherlock Holmes, of course.

A cheesy introduction? Yes. Am I going to change it? No.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum, located at 221B Baker Street, is not so much a museum as it is simply a recreation of how it would have looked when Mr Holmes lived there. That was the most entertaining part of the tour: the staff members all talked and acted as if he was an actual person, and not just a creative of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's imagination. It got to the point where I found myself thinking, "This was his real table! Those are his real pipes! He really slept in this room!" It was a fun escape for the afternoon. :)

Autumn and I posed with a very handsome Lestrade outside the entrance. It was here that I discovered that deerstalkers are actually quite nice, and look good on most people. I might have to buy one before heading home..

Holmes' study..his REAL study, you know. ;)

Me, posing with a bust of the man himself. He was an absolutely incredible and entirely fictional human being.

There you have it: an afternoon spent at the "most famous address in the world." I don't know if that's true, but it is a very famous address, and I was so glad I got to spend an afternoon there during my stay in London.
While there have been many adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes stories for film and tv, one of the most recent (and my favorite) is a television series that is a modern retelling of the stories, starring ever-adorable Martin Freeman as Watson and the ever-handsome Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes. I think they do a rather fantastic job bringing Holmes and Watson to the 21st century. If you haven't seen the series before, here's a promo video. I think you can find all of the episodes on Netflix.
Much love, dear reader,
Jenna Light