British Museum. I pretty much live here.

I think it's safe to say, I've been to the British Museum about a thousand times.  I'm starting to think I should set up a permanent residence there. The security guards probably wouldn't be too fond of this idea, but I think it's something they could get used to.  I feel like we could become great friends.  Back to reality, even though I've been to the museum a ridiculous amount, I know that there is still so much to see.  Our bible class touched briefly on some of the items found in the museum.  Such items include, the Rosetta Stone, an Easter Island statue, and the earliest known image of Christ. The museum is also known for having the largest collection of Greek and Egyptian antiquities in the world.  It is interesting to be able to walk through these rooms and see history come alive (sorry, I know that was cheesy. Cheesy moment over now). I also think it's weird to be able to walk through one room completely dedicated to Assyrian artifacts and then walk only a few feet away and be able to look at their expansive Egyptian collection. This museum has such a variety of artifacts and it is  truly unique place to visit.

-Laura Bennett