Henna, Hippies, and Spikes


Camden Town is my favorite place in London. The experiences you get from going there are unimaginable. The people there are so not cookie cutter "londoners."  I got a completely different view of the place we have lived in for a month or two now. I love how alternative this street is. The streets come to life in this market. I watched people with their dreads and spikes walk around and instantly felt like I fit into their strange world for a brief moment. We went shopping, got henna tattoos, and ate excellent fish and chips in a random restaurant. It is exciting to be able to walk into one shop and see everything from Indian inspired tapestry and then walk next door and find yourself in a hardcore punk inspired store that is completely different from adjacent stores.  It is a place that has so much variety in one place that it is amazing that they can all coordinate and work well together.  This place is literally everything you need and want in one area. 

-Laura Bennett