Stop, Drop, and Roll...No! Those are fireworks.

Guy Fawkes Day in Wales

After a busy month in London, Wales was exactly what I needed.  With wonderful music, great friends, and many other cultural experiences, I was rejuvenated. After hearing many stories about how the Welsh wanted to be known separately from England, I was super surprised by Guy Fawkes Day.  Guy Fawkes was clearly something that happened in England and the fact that it is so widely celebrated was an interesting findout.  The fireworks were wonderful and the celebration magnificent.  They had rides, music, food, and of course fireworks.  Lauren has talked about Guy Fawkes several times and it all seemed a bit dark and cult-like.  It was all like-hey, lets get together and burn this fake dead Guy (no pun intended) and then have a party with fireworks. Seriously, thats weird. However, it wasn't creepy at all. It was actually like- hey we need an excuse for a good party and this was an opportunity that was too good to pass up. So along with hundreds of other people we gathered in the muddy grass and watched as lights exploded in the sky. It was an excellent experience and really cool to experience a long time London tradition in Wales. But really it was the best thing ever and everyone should now. But you can't so..... next November 3 get yourself to Wales and brag to EVERYONE and I mean everyone that you were part of the biggest firework celebration in Europe. (secretly I am bragging right judging)   

-Jenna Jordan