Hyde Park

A few days ago I was slightly bored so I decided that since it was nice out I might as well check out Hyde Park since I had not been there yet. It was a great decision. I took my journal with me and just sat down for a while and absorbed the calmness not a typical part of my London life. It's an odd feeling of tranquility found simply in the heart of such a crazy, yet wonderful, city.

I sat down on a bench for a while and some girls about my age came and sat down on the other side. I did not pay them much attention since I was busy writing and listening to music but eventually realized that they were not speaking with a British accent, in fact their accents were American. We started chatting and I found out that they were from a school in N. Carolina and one of them was from Dallas and the other Tennessee. We talked for a bit about our programs and school and it was all around a pretty interesting experience. 

I also thought it was very interesting that people let their dogs just wander off ahead of them in the middle of the park. The dogs socialize with each other and seem to be very nice to other animals and people. I'm not sure if this would happen in the states especially if children were around due to the threat of things such as law suits. But who knows?