A Walk Among Movie Stars.... Or their Clothes, Anyway

I took a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum a couple days ago, to have a look around. When I got there, I found that there was a Hollywood Costume exhibit being put on, and was instantly intrigued. I bought my self a ticket and was completely enthralled with all the costumes I saw, from so many movies!
Indiana Jones
Star Wars
The Dark Knight Rises
Sweeny Todd
Pirates of the Caribbean
Fight Club
The Matrix
Just to name a few. It was an amazing exhibit! Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed in the exhibit, so some from the internet of those famous costumes will have to do here:

Indiana Jones

The Dark Knight Rises

Even Dorothy's dress, complete with the Ruby Slippers.
And, here's me with my ticket, outside the exhibit:
And a video about the museum:

Rachel Talaber