I clicked my heels three times but, I'm still here...

Munchkins: We're off to see the wizard? false. we just want fish and chips.

So as I looked around this fine eating establishment, I realized I exceed the height requirement to be a munchkin. However,  considering I brought my own munchkin (Jenna Jordan) the management was clearly more accepting.  On a more serious note, the restaurant gave you the feeling of being in a traditional England pub.  The people were very welcoming and the food was wonderful. I forwent the traditional route of pub food and decided to get a club sandwich. I know that's lame however, I was not disappointed with what was placed in front of me.  I feel it's clique to say that this was the best club sandwich I've ever eaten because in reality you can't really mess up a club sandwich.  Nevertheless, it was quite delicious.  If you're looking for a good place to go..follow the yellow brick road? too cheesy? Oh well, I definitely recommend munchkins.

-Laura Bennett