Les Miserables

Megan and I had wanted to see Les Mis for a while now but could never pin down a good date. On the day we wanted to see the show we walked a few blacks to the West Side London to the Theatre district. We got same day tickets for a great price and I think our seats were pretty great too!

A few hours later we got dressed up and were ready to go. Megan had been to this show before a couple of years ago but I had only ever watched the movie and I remembered very little of that. One of my friends back home is obsessed with this show so that also made me curious. As the sign says, it's the longest running show and there has to be a reason why!

I was very happy with our seats! We were on the second row of the balcony and we could see everything really well. Thankfully the theatre was pretty small so I would assume that there would not be a bad seat in in the house.

The ending totally caught me by surprise. I was trying very hard not to cry because my makeup was perfect and I did not want to leave with mascara running down my face... This was quite a challenge. I loved this play and I understand why it is so loved by most people. I watched the trailer for the movie coming out this Christmas and I think they are going to do a great job with it! Hugh Jackman as JVJ? um...yesssss!!!

 This is for the movie but it really looks a lot like the play! I am very excited for this to come out!!!!!