I LOVE LIBRARIES! (especially when they're British!)

I don't usually read. But if I did, it would be at the British Library. 

Going to the British Library (not the British Museum) is like going back in time.  You're transported back to a time when literature and fine arts blossomed. The Britsh Library not only houses fine literary works but blueprints to some of the finest innovators.  You can find so many amazing authors in this library. Milton's Commonplace Book is found here along with, "The Fall of Angels" by Dryden. Further exploration will lead you to find things like: Jane Austen's portable writing desk and notebook, but also Oscar Wilde's- Ballad of Reading Gaol. However, this library is unique in the sense that it transcends normal buliding stereotypes and houses many mindblowing music manuscripts as well. You can find things from Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and of course the life changing band, The Beatles. When you walk into this building you stand face to face with history, and that has a sobering effect. I got to look at some of the earliest works, that changed our society so much. Being at the British Museum....Priceless.

(I apologize for the lack of comedy, I just really love the British Library)

If you haven't seen the Youtube sensation "eharmony video bio" about the lady that loves cats so much, you need to watch it and then insert British Library everytime she says cat. That is the equivalent of my love for the British Library.

Who gave me a map? Clearly I don't know how to use those!


*Crying* I just really love the British Library!

*more crying* I just want to be at the British Library all the time!

Enough Shenanigans

On a serious note, here's an educational video to help expand your knowledge of the British Library and the numerous treasures that are housed here.