Macaroons and Modern Art

This afternoon, Molly, Lauren, and I visited the Tate Modern. Lauren met Molly and I outside our flat and we rode the tube over to St. Paul's cathedral. Once we were next to the church, we stopped and got tea and macaroons--or in Lauren's case bacon bread (which was amazing)--from Paul, a bakery and patisserie.

I'm sad I haven't eaten here before. Everything there looked delicious.

We walked across the Millenium Bridge over to the Tate Modern, and I very much enjoyed the galleries. One of my favourite artists featured was Jean Heartfield. He designed satirical photomontages that criticised Hitler and the Third Reich. 

They were very modern in their look, and yet he created them in the early thirties. My favourite of his works was entitled "Adding Insult To Murder." The work depicts a woman weeping and the caption reads, ‘Gestapo letters to German wives. Repeatedly in the Third Reich the wives of innocent men shot by the secret state police, without prior notification, received the ashes of the murdered person in a parcel or letter.’

We saw many interesting pieces and I had lots of fun at the Tate Modern. I definitely recommend it if you're ever in London.

PS: It's free!

---Victoria Hargrove