The Night I Decided I Want to Be a Professional Puppeteer

So, in my last post I mentioned how after I saw Billy Elliot I wanted to be a ballerina.
After seeing War Horse, I want to be a professional puppeteer.
And I'm really not joking about this.
The show features two main horse puppets, each being controlled by 3 puppeteers.
Here's where I go into crazy puppet-fangirl mode. You've been warned.

Here's a picture of the "main horse," Joey, as a foal. This puppet was PRECIOUS. Almost cuter than a real foal. This puppet wobbled around the stage on his stiff legs, sniffing the air and nibbling at the grass and acting just like a carefree little precious baby foal should act.
Here's the full grown Joey.
These puppets were absolutely incredible. They could gallop around the stage with actors on their backs, and they could convey very specific reactions and emotions with a flick of the ear or a swish of the tail. And they are beautiful..
These were the primary puppets in the show. They have a bit of a rough start, but then they become horse friends and go on to "fight" together in the war..although, they don't really fight. They work. They work together in the midst of WWI.
So cool.
This show is incredible. It combines puppetry and old English music and crazy war sound/light effects to tell the story of a horse and the boy that loves him. They are separated when WWI starts, as the British calvary is in need of good horses like Joey. Eventually, his boy, Albert, joins the service (though he's too young) to find his beloved horse. After many months of harrowing battles, Joey and Albert find each other again. The war ends, and I assume everyone lives happily ever after. I definitely cried at the end.
I also cried when Joey's horse friend died. :(
If you are at all interested in puppetry, horses, WWI, or a combination of the three, I highly, HIGHLY recommend War Horse.
Here's a trailer for the West End production, just to give you a little peek at what the puppets look like in action.
Jenna Light