Never judge a book by it's cover...especially if it's British.

How many of you have ever seen the movie, "Beauty and the Beast?" I am going to assume all of you, because if you haven't you should stop reading, go get the movie, and watch it. With that said spoiler alert- my favorite scene of the entire movie is when the Beast gives Belle the library. Seriously...I love books and a floor to ceiling library with a ladder that goes around it is my dream. I am not Belle and so I didn't get that Library (yet...heres hoping), but to remedy my heart break I did go to the British Library.

Never. Eat. Soggy. Waffles. (North. South. East. West) Anyone need directions?

 In this library you can find some serious literary magic. They have the Magna Carta- how many times have we had to study this document- all of your junior high history teachers can sleep soundly knowing this document they tought (way too much) was brought to life in this very place. They have notebooks from Leonardo Divinci as well as Shakespeare's First Folio. They also have the earliest versions of Alice's Adventures Under Ground and many other great English works. It was truly amazing to stand there and look at the Gutenburg Bible, and then to be able to look at stuff about the is excellent and I was truly lucky I got go there.

-Jenna Jordan

 Just to clarify, we're not friends with that one lady entering the Library. Who are you??
  We go places and point to defer confusion.