Pier 1 Fish & Chips Restaurant by Tayler Robinson

     So, chances are that when token British cuisine is mentioned: Fish & Chips is often the first thing that comes to mind. That being said, I hate fish and chips. Great way to start out a post, right?
     I am neither a fan of fish, nor French fries, but on this trip I decided to suck it up for the sake of experience. I was determined to find the best Fish & Chips in London - or rather the best out of all the restaurants that we would visit in our time here.
    Some were alright, others just reinforced my distaste for the dish, but opinion changed when we dined at a place called Pier 1.
    We had been shopping in Camden and were extremely hungry when we stumbled upon this place. From the outside, it looked like a strictly take out place, and I was hesitant at first because after shopping and catching the tube beforehand, I was desperate for a good meal and a nice sit. However I was pleasantly surprised when we entered - not only was there cafe-style seating immediatley inside, but there was also an upstairs dining area. The tables were almost picnic-table-esque: there was a long central table with benches on either side to sit on. This perfectly accommodated the six of us with our bags and coats.
     The service was great, the waitresses were very kind but we were all so hungry (some of us to the point that we getting a bit testy [not me of course]) that it felt like it took for-EVER to get our food.
     Once we did though, it was definitely worth it. Up until this point, I still don't think I've had better fish and chips than I had there - there was just a huge SLAB of fried fish thrown on a plate with plump french fries, and they were all very delicious. And I quickly realized just how filling fish and chips could be - I wasn't able to finish all of my food.
    It was a very pleasant dining experience, especially when dining amongst friends, and I would recommend Pier 1 as a good lunch spot for anyone staying in London for a while.