Spikes, Hippies, and Henna

Welcome to Camden Town!

This alternative oasis is found in London. However, it isn't the normal "Posh" environment you would align London with. It is exactly what our title states- it is where you can find anything (and I do mean anything). We walked down the streets and as we did we saw a variety of shops. We saw shops with lace dresses, spiked dog collars, piercings, and our favorite Henna! As our pictures will show we all really like Henna. Camden Town is the alternative break from the hustle and bustle of classy mainstream London.

Camden Town is an experience in the best way possible. When you get off the tube it literally feels as if you have transported into a completely different city. We walked around for hours just soaking up the awkwardness and unique sights. In London you expect everything to be fast paced and Camden Town is no exception. It is fast paced in a completely different way. The people here are so different than London. It was like you walked into a punk rock album and joined into the music. It was uiniquely beautiful and so many things happened. We watched some people play music on the street and went into so many stores. The variety in this one place was so exciting and wonderful. I got to get some excellent fish and chips, really random gifts, and an awesome tattoo (henna, of course).
-Jenna Jordan

Camden Town is my favorite place in London. The experiences you get from going there are unimaginable. The people there are so not cookie cutter "londoners."  I got a completely different view of the place we have lived in for a month or two now. I love how alternative this street is. The streets come to life in this market. I watched people with their dreads and spikes walk around and instantly felt like I fit into their strange world for a brief moment. We went shopping, got henna tattoos, and ate excellent fish and chips in a random restaurant. This place is everything you need and want in one area.
-Laura Bennett

Laura Bennett and Jenna Jordan