Scenes from around the city pre-Thanksgiving.

Damn, I have not posted any of my bullshit for over a week now! I must be getting old. It's all facebook memes and LOL cats from here on out people. I have so many photos on my desktop..and video too from Aline Crumb at the Strand which was fun..just been busy with all kinds of stuff. This coming year everything changes for job as I lost two of albums and projects and stuff coming out  fairly soon which is exciting. Some Crumb artwork arrived today for John and Jerry Zolten and Crumbs Chimpin' the Blues Cd and Lp' looks great!

Change is good and much needed at this point. Cannot even being to get into the bizarre shit, psychotic friends and many crazy nights that 2012 had for me..many more ahead but I am being VERY picky about who I let into my life since I got back from Europe. Got some much needed time to think and some good advice and well..all I can say is I am looking forward to 2013. Unless we die next month but hey..I had a good run!

Here are some random pics of just..stuff going on around the city. Been enjoying the non freezing weather this week. I have a feeling winter may not be a calm one..

Actors wanted..for Christ! My cat is getting dumber by the minute..guy on "Avenue Sea" as he calls it selling photos of the block when it was underwater. Telescope set up on east 3rd again to see the craters of the moon..and someone found a lost doggy! And The Ten Commandments are now posted all over Avenue A. JUST SO YOU KNOW!

 More to come soon..I have a lot to catch up on..AFTER I watch the shit out of some cats jammin' on some casio keyboards. I GOT MAD TWINKIES FOLKS! FIRST ONE FREE!