Shopping in Windsor: Or How I Came By Two Very Pearly and Sparkly Tiaras

As a group, we were lucky enough to tour Windsor Castle, and were given the opportunity to do some shopping and explore the town surrounding the castle for a while before jumping on our bus which was headed next to Stratford, and I had one goal: find a couple of tiaras.

My little sisters, who are 6 and 7 are little princesses (or at least they are under the impression that they are) and I thought, what better souvenirs to bring them back but crowns from an actual castle where the Queen lived?! But I had a lot of trouble finding anything at the castle gift shops - I must have looked into every single gift shop on the castle's grounds but none of them had any sort of crown, at least not the kind a little girl could play dress-up with. They had the beefeater's guard hats, but no tiaras. Slightly disappointed, but still motivated, I set off into town, hoping to find something at least in close proximity to the castle.

I looked into every stereotypical gift shop within reasonable distance of the Castle and coach park, but I had no luck whatsoever.

Finally, I found a women's and girl's clothing store that happened to carry a lot of accessories, and thank goodness, they had small sparkly, pearly tiaras.

I bought one for each and can't wait to see their faces when I tell them I got them from a real castle... or... at least close to one.


Here are some of the shops in the area of Windsor - unfortunatley when we were there it wasn't decorated quite like this yet.
  Though I was pressed for time and was worried that I wouldn’t be successful in finding a tiara for each of them, the experience of shopping in Windsor was pleasant – I absolutely adored peeking into the shops, walking down the cobblestone roads, it’s such a quaint little town, I wish I had more time to explore.

                                                                  Tayler Robinson