When in doubt, go to Primark...just kidding you should go somewhere else

Naturally I came to England in search of further knowledge of all things cultural, but I found a few shops along the way...I like shopping.  I mean seriously, you put a girl in London, practically the fashion capital (forget Paris) of the World, and she's bound to find a few things she absolutely needs.  I'll admit it, I am this girl. 


If someone ever asks you if you want to stop by Primark, just say no.  I have on several occasions, entered that store with the intent of simply buying leggins and come out with an entire new wardrobe.  I literally don't know how this happens. But it does, everytime. 


I have literally never seen so much variety in one place.  Camden-town has everything you could ever want.  They have the typical "touristy" shops that have the obnoxious "I Love London" shirts and sweatshirts. Naturally, you'll eventually have to buy something (mini double decker bus paper weight, "I Love London" mug, "London" t-shirt etc) from there.  Then when you're done being a tourist, you can walk next door to find the latest london fashion and next to that a store containing all things punk related.  Good news ladies and gents, we didn't lose Kalee in this store.  It is truly a unique place. 


After you're done hanging out with Shakespeare in his childhood home, enjoy a milkshake, and maybe a little shopping.  To start the shopping spree off right, naturally visit every Christmas store there is.  Next, you can take a trip down memory lane and visit the children's bookstore where you can find Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, and many other childhood favorites.  Oh, and I forgot, being the typical college students that we are, we took the liberty of putting on a show with alligator hand puppets.  Sadly, that video has mysteriously vanished.