NY Journal: Liberalism Run Amok

Yeah, great idea to publish the names and addresses of law abiding citizens who have a permit to own a handgun in two places in New York. Shame on you people for legally and lawfully owning a handgun. How dare you?  Now, just like pedophiles and other sex offenders, we know who you are and we know where you live. The only problem with that is...so do the criminals in your area.

What idiot doesn't know that burglars read newspapers? The first place they go to is the obituaries. They find when funerals are going to take place so they can visit the home of those who are off burying their loved ones. They also glean the Want Ads to see who has what on sale they can make a quick buck off of. Sometimes they go to the people's homes and just rob them then and there. They peruse the news section to see who got sick and who got hurt and went to the hospital and find out where they live while they're in the hospital. The newspaper is a great place to find an easy mark so these no-gooders can ply their trade. How do I know? I used to work for a Sheriff's Department...and we know these things.

Now, the New York Journal has made it even easier. Hey Crook! You want a gun? Just go to Bob Doogie's place at 112 Groverton, Rockland, New York. He's got a Glock .41 that would fit your hand perfectly. Just case the place and wait til everyone's gone to work and go right in and get it.  Hey, Crook Number 2! You want to rape somebody? Well, at 3261 Richmond Hills, Westchester, New York, there's a fine little filly by the name of Shelley Do-Right that lives there and guess what? She doesn't have a gun. Wait until around 3AM, when you know she's in a deep sleep, creep in and nail her! It's that easy.

But Wait! There's more!! Why only do one at the time when you can make a night of it!  Find one home that does have a gun that is next door to one that doesn't have a gun. You can kill two birds with one stone...to steal a phrase! The New York Journal invites all you criminal types to subscribe to our publication and we'll almost open the gawldurned door for ya! All you have to do is send $15.95 for a six month subscription and we'll give you all the information you need to get in, get out, and carry away the goods and/or nail the goods while you're there!!!

That's what the New York Journal is all about. Community service! We don't just help those who are good citizens...we help the scum as well. That's how we can honestly say we're an equal opportunity newspaper.

That's the main problem with liberals. They don't think. They believe they are sooooo smart and sooooo above everyone else on the brain chain, they end up hurting the very people they 'say' they are trying to protect. Many non-gun owners in those areas have written to the Journal mad as hell, saying that the paper has now possibly made them vulnerable to the criminal element there. At least some people have a modicum of sense up there.

Some of my own liberal friends firmly believe they are so much smarter than me, yet I can at least see the forest, in spite of the trees. I doubt the idiots that work for the NY Journal even know what a tree is, much less a forest. Shame on the gun owners? No, shame on them. I hope they lose every subscriber and have to shut their doors. It was irresponsible and dangerous to the people they 'say' they serve. And if you disagree with me on this....as Greg Gutfeld says...you're worse than Hitler.