just what i thought while walking back last night.

I wonder why some gestures from men could leave you feeling, degraded. I'm sure it doesn't apply the other way around, so it must be either, women are sensitive creatures, or rather, I am too sensitive, or, well, that's the only thing I can think of.

If you were from Jakarta, or probably from Indonesia, for that matter, you would know what I'm talking about. People in the street whistle after you, call you, wave at you; it's not all that uncommon, but it always irritates me to no end. And that's why I never had any interest taking public transportation back home, and not that I'm allowed to anyway, but well, I'm happy not to, if you know what I mean. I wonder if those guys call after everybody with breast, or just the chinese. Either way, I always feel used when it happens.

It doesn't happen that often here in Singapore, but it still does sometimes. A hawker place near my apartment is a case in point. I buy food there when I'm home just because that's the nearest, but the fact that there are some sleazy guys who always call after me can be enough reason to just stay home and cook instant noodles, or starve myself. I purposely would avoid this particular chinese food stall when I'm alone. I know that's pathetic, but ugh, I just can't stand these people.

If you go to Johor, that would be the first thing you notice once you get out on the street. I mean, are they really just bored? Why can't they count their buttons or something?

Last night after having supper at Fong Seng with friends, I barely made it to the last bus. It wasn't the bus to my house, but it was the closest that I could get, so I alighted at the most familiar area I knew, and walked quite a distance to my place. It was dark and it must have been at least 30 minutes after midnight, but the walk did me good. Nearing my condo, though, there were some security guards from the opposite buildings and they waved. Somehow this really bugs me. Call me super sensitive or drama queen if you may, but fuck!!!

I guess everyone's different. It's probably just me.