I saw Chris Martin. Yes, you heard right.

I've never been particularly star-strucked before.

I lived in Indonesia for around 17 years of my life, for goodness sake. The only famous faces I've encountered in real life were probably just some dangdut singers or local soap opera's actors. Needless to say, it wasn't very exciting.

“That's Bertrand? Oh.” was my only reaction upon seeing this particular local teenage heartrob. So-called heartrob. I've yet to see the appeal of this metrosexual, ex F-4 wannabe. But that's just me. Apparently girls go crazy after him.

During my almost 4-years stay in Singapore, well, I saw VJ Denise, Utt, and Colby, and probably some other recognizable persons, but still, it was nothing to flip about, see.

“Did you see anyone famous in US?” was another thing some friends asked me after I got back. I mean, it's just natural. I went to Hollywood! Disneyland on Christmas Day! Vegas on New Year's Eve! If it wasn't the perfect time for some celebrities-sighting, I don't know when is.

I was hoping, maybe a little bit of Seacrest? Just, whoever so I could boast.

Granted, on New Year's eve, celebrities were coming out to host countdown parties everywhere. In PURE, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wenz were scheduled to come. [I was standing in front of the red carpet there! I could have been just like, five minutes away from their grand entrance.] There was the Kardashian sisters too somewhere in another club. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and man, I wouldn't even mind seeing Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, even if I risk appearing very bimbotic.

But nope. Nada.

And it's okay. I've come to terms with that. I've eventually accepted that I'm simply not cool enough to spot a famous face. I've long given up that dream.

So last Sunday as I was walking towards the sunset through the beach, I wasn't at all prepared to......................

See Chris Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!! Chris Martin of Coldplay! Yes!! Chris Martin, the husband of Gwyneth Paltrow! Yes!! THAT super-famous-Grammy-award-winner-super-rich-Chris Martin!!!

Let me insert his picture here, for you who doesn't know who Chris Martin is! Dammit, people, where have you been living? A cave?! Hint for my friend Andrew who was like, "Chris who?"

I stood there, agape, unable to believe my eyes. But there he was, in flesh. Chris Martin was in fucking Sentosa.

I've gained back my faith, people! It's possible that one day I would get to marry John Cusack! It's possible that I would be an Oscar-winning-actress! Everything is possible!


This is my first real celebrity-sighting, so forgive me for being so dorky about it.